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7 April 2008
Marvellous Mums in Kingston are the next to take up the offer to Live Green with LESS and receive free, energy-saving light bulbs and have them installed, also at no cost.
“Live Green with LESS was launched in late 2007 in Glen Eira and was extended to Kingston in February with support from the City Of Kingston Council,” said project manager Andy Paine.
“Since then leaflets have been delivered and installers have been knocking on doors inviting residents to take up the offer.”
The Marvellous Mums group are a dynamic and passionate group of mums who are committed to creating positive changes in their lives through meeting and sharing information, ideas and advice.
Group organiser Andrea Cross said the group currently consists of about 10 regular mums with another 10-20 on an email database, but the group is growing fast and dads are also welcome.
“Our group is interested in making sure our children’s future is secure and that includes doing whatever we can to protect the environment,” said Andrea.
“Climate change is certainly something we should all be thinking about and it is up to all of us to do our bit to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.”
Mr Paine said Australia is losing native species at an unprecedented rate and climate change was most definitely a contributing factor.
“Australia has the worst rate of mammal extinction in the world - almost 40 per cent of mammal extinctions globally in the last 200 years,” said Andy.
“Making small changes like replacing our globes with energy-saving ones are the actions we can all take to start protecting our children’s futures.
“Community groups like Marvellous Mums that become actively involved in caring for our environment are integral to halting the negative impact of climate change.
“Changing your globes will not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the energy savings may also mean a reduction in your energy bill.”
“To date, almost 180,000 globes have been installed in 10,000 homes and we anticipate that the project will result in preventing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide entering our atmosphere and collective financial savings in the millions for households over the lifetime of the bulbs,” said Andy.
“This offer is probably one of the easiest ways for householders to help fight climate change, and we hope the Kingston community will start living green with LESS.”

Booking details for installation: 1300 855 362 Website:
Media contacts: Thea Bray (Media Officer): 0423 299 192
Andy Paine (Low Energy Supplies & Services): 0405 343 110
Contact for Marvellous Mums: Andrea Cross: 0403 342 390 or

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