Friday, May 9, 2008

Marvellous Mums Acrostic Poem

M eets monthly on a Monday. (Next morning tea is June 2nd)
A rrival time is 11am.
R elaxed environment. The Chelsea Heights Hotel.
V alidates your role as a mother.
E mpowers, encourages and acknowledges mothers.
L ong term goals include providing free resources to mums.
L oves its ‘grandparent’ helpers.
O riginally met in a lounge room. Began mid 2007.
U nique focus is on mother’s needs.
S upports mums by providing an informative newsletter.

M orning teas are free. Food is available at hotel prices.
U ltimately caters for mothers of babies to preschool age children.
M ade a face book page. You can become a friend!
S ervices mainly the Kingston community.

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