Monday, April 7, 2008

This month’s Marvellous Mums theme: OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE-

When I first received an email from ‘Low Energy Supplies and Services (LESS)’ I wasn’t quite sure what to think but once I read about the fantastic offer they were making to Kingston residents regarding free energy saving light bulbs, I felt excited. Sometimes I think it takes something out of the ordinary to make you stop and rethink the way you do things. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about our children’s future and make choices that will make a difference in their lives.

I’m not going to write a lot about this topic from my own experience because, to be completely honest; it’s something I haven’t done a lot about.
What I will do though is share with you some tips that I have been reading about in an attempt to make a change to my habits and yours!

There seems to be lots of information out there about protecting our environment and in this newsletter I’ll highlight some of the best stuff I found.
Firstly I came across this woman’s website called Earth Mum ( She’s a mum and web designer from Aspendale and has some great ideas about how busy mums can easily get involved and make a difference. Log on to her site to read more about what she suggests.

Here’s a little of what she has to say:
“Climate change is real. It's happening and by best estimates, we have less than 10 years to turn it around for our children.
But how does a busy Mum DO anything about this massive problem? We have no time, little money and no power...
Or do we?
As mums, we are great net workers. Playgroup, crèche, kinder, school, we meet lots of new people. And we talk. A lot!
As mums, we control the shopping in the house. From week to week we are making the purchases our family makes.
This makes us powerful. When we buy, companies listen. And we write to them, they turn the hearing-aid up to 11”.

I loved this site
This site, created by WWF-Australia, is a place where you can share ideas with other Futuremakers in order to live more sustainably.

“Every day we shape our planet's future when we make small life decisions - what we buy, what we eat, how we travel. The future of the planet is in our hands; the future is man-made. And we are all "Futuremakers". If we choose to live sustainably, we can assure a future for all living things. And we can have some fun doing it too!”

These were some of the ideas that I loved from this site:

· When it comes to singing in the shower, U2’s three-minute ditty Desire is in, but Led Zeppelin’s epic Stairway to Heaven, at eight minutes - is definitely out. Peter Garrett has produced his top 10 favourite shower songs

that come in under four minutes, to encourage Australians to take shorter showers. You can see his list on the site!

· Did you know that toilet rolls made from virgin forest timber use huge amounts of water and energy in the intensive bleaching and manufacturing processes to create nice soft tissue paper? But using toilet rolls made from recycled paper uses around half the water and energy. Most recycled toilet roll brands use the clean office waste paper that is collected in the blue bins, which are found in many offices around Australia. It is collected and graded; the high-grade clean waste is then turned into new clean toilet paper.

· Have you noticed a pile of used printing paper with only one side printed? If you’ve got kids, why not take them home to use as scribble paper?

· Did you know that possibly more than 5% of your electricity bill is a result of appliances on standby?

· Get chooks! They’re surprisingly lovable, and they give a constant supply of fresh eggs, which encourages you to cook at home, rather than buying pre packaged cakes and breakfasts out. This saves money and we know what’s in our food.

Post Op· One woman wrote, “I have furnished my home using mostly recycled goods, some picked up from the roadside during clean?ups; and some I have purchased from op shops. Even my computer is second?hand, as is my office furniture. I try to recycle most things, for example, the plain white cardboard dividers in packets of tea bags are great for making bookmarks. And that old plastic shell pool the kids don’t use anymore makes a great herb garden or strawberry bed, which love being watered with shower water caught in a bucket”.

I hope that you found these ideas about living more sustainably helpful. I know that I certainly did. And for you fellow Kingston residents, don’t forget to book in and get your lights changed with LESS 1300 855 362.

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