Friday, November 23, 2007

Normal day gratitudes

I grateful for the 95% of time that I have email/internet access. Every time I don't have it for some reason like the network is down, something wrong with our connection or my husband needs the laptop at work; I really struggle. I know it sounds stupid but so many times throughout the day I think 'Oh I'll just look that up' or 'I'll just email that person and ask' etc etc. So I really feel disconnected with the world when it's not working and frustrated when I go to write my gratitude (like last night) and I can't log in.
I am also thankful for the hours of fun T and E had playing in the backyard this arvo. I set up a few activities down there and they played so happily from about 3.30-5.00 when I dragged them in for a bath as they were so dirty by that stage. It was lovely to hear their laughter and see their happy faces when I went down to check on them. I am also thankful for the things we have that allow me to create an environment where they can enjoy open-ended activities. It's so precious to see them make up their own games, especially T as he experiments with different voices etc. I am really enjoying the times that he gets right into an activity and seeing how he plays so differently now to even just a few months ago. It's so funny when he dresses up or tries to do a puppet show for us- it definitely makes all the other hard times with his nagging, tantrums and tears worth it.

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