Friday, November 23, 2007

A great weekend

This has been one of the MOST fun weekends I've had. I am going to bed buzzing after an awesome 2 days.
From taking the kids to see the 2-in-one Bob the Builder and Barney concert which was sooooooo exciting and experiencing just how ecstatic T and E were to see the characters was hilarious. T couldn't stop talking and I felt so in love with him. About half an hour before the end of the concert E sat quietly snuggled into me on my lap (after dancing and clapping continuously) and when I looked at her she had just fallen asleep... it was a beautiful moment to have her sleeping in my arms- when does that ever happen? I really cherished it because it reminded me that she is still my little baby even though she tries to walk and I forget that it was only 11 months ago (today) that I gave birth to her.
Last night we had a mother's group dinner with all the girls and husbands. I had such a great night chatting to everyone and being out without all the children there. The food was fantastic ( a Vietnamese banquet) and the dynamics of the group worked really well. I really felt like we all got to know each other more and stepped up a level in our friendships too. I know I've said it before but I feel so extremely blessed to be a part of this group and nights like last night just confirm that.
Today after dropping over the piano, Mum and Dad stayed for a coffee and chat. My husband and I always comment when they leave about how much we both really respect them and value their friendship. I love seeing them with the kids, and T can now say "Grandma", which is cool.
Anyway lots more little things happened that made me feel so happy this weekend too but to top off a great weekend we had a dinner date at some old friend's house tonight (2 people we know from youth group days...very dynamic duo). You know when you catch up 'those people'....the sort that are just so inspiring to be around, so "on fire", so contagious in their positive attitudes etc, well despite T being so tired and having many crying fits which was a bit embarrassing; we had a lovely evening and left with much to discuss. Yay for a great time.

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