Friday, November 23, 2007

Gratitude Group: Where it all started.

Update: Check out the new site:
Women of Gratitude

Way back in April, my sister was telling me about her boss who was over from America at the time. This American lady was in a small group with some friends who wrote each other an email everyday sharing something that they were grateful for in their day. As the lady spoke with my sister she told her about her 'grat' group and how it had changed her perspective on life. After hearing about it myself, my sister and I quickly agreed that we should form a group ourselves and begin "gratting".
Since that time I can honestly say that by having to stop each day and reflect on what I am thankful for in the day has now become a habitual way of thinking for me. When I wake up I begin the day wondering which thing I will choose to write about. On days when it's really hard to find something to feel grateful for I very quickly pull myself up and adjust my thoughts, knowing that there is always so much that I can choose from.
The other benefit of gratting has been that when I log on to my email each day to grat, I also get to read grats from the other people in the group, which is very uplifting. I would really encourage anyone considering this type of personal reflection to give it a go. You can spend as little or as much time doing it and be as personal or as general as you want to be.

Before we officially started, my sister sent this email out to the group, which may explain 'gratting' a bit more clearly. She also wrote a beautiful poem that really touched my heart.

Guidelines for your grats.

-1 gratitude per day to the group

-Gratitude is by email but if you get really stuck and you need to text, that’s o.k. too

-Your gratitude is entirely yours, a reflection of how you are feeling today. There is no right or wrong. There is no such thing as repeating yourself, or copying someone else's. If you want to be thankful for the same thing all week - go for it. If you want to be grateful for the same thing as someone else - go for it. The rule is, there are no rules when it comes to writing them. If you want to write 1 word, or a long whatever your heart tells you to.

-If someone's gratitude is of a sensitive nature, it should stay within the "Gratitude Group"

-You can send your gratitude any time in the day

-If you happen to miss a day for whatever reason, you don't need to explain why. If you would like to write 2 the next day, you can...if you don't want to - that's also fine.

-If you are away and unable to access email, we can either switch to texting or you can just start again when you get back.

-Once every 3 months (minimum) Gratitude Gals get together and catch up for chats, re-evaluate and reflect.

-Just to start the ball rolling....

I am grateful for such wonderful friends.
Friends who make me want to improve myself.
Friends who help me to strive to be the best I can be.
Friends to laugh with, till my cheeks ache.
Friends I am safe to cry with.
Friends who, despite all my faults
want to share life with me.
Friends whose beauty shines from within
and reaches out to everyone around them.
Friends who aren't happy to settle for second best
but instead strive to achieve greatness.
Those friends I speak of, are you.
I am grateful for this opportunity to share the ups and downs of life together,
choosing to see the best in and be thankful for, every thing life brings our way.

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