Friday, November 23, 2007

Gratitude for my family

Today I have just read my on-line devotions about families and I am sooooooooooo thankful for my family. I am thankful for my in-laws too but I am really talking about my maternal family today. I am always reminded by the foster children of how much it means to have been brought up without divorce, abuse or neglect but...

I am so grateful for the wonderfully warm and caring parents that I have that did the very best job they could raising me even through times when I was rude, self centered, rebellious and ungrateful (I still can be but hopefully not as bad!). They continued to love me when I was being unlovely and most of all pray for me when they didn't know what else to do. They have been a continual source of strength, comfort and example of what it means to be a Christian.

For my sister Mel (beloved friend, comrade, confidant, fake twin, sounding board and probably partner in crime on many occasions) who is someone that I feel protective of, in the older sister sense, but also look up to for many pieces of advice. She is so similar to me that there's so many activities we both share a love of and situations that we both find funny and yet so different that we can present each other with a differing opinion on issues, that the other may not have seen before.

Lastly my brother Tim who despite not having had contact with in two years is never far from my thoughts or prayers. He is an intelligent, sensitive, gentle man with a quirky sense of humour who will hopefully reunite with our family one day and be able to see the many qualities that seem so obvious to me.

I am so blessed to have this family a treasure chest of memories past and new ones to make.

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