Monday, September 10, 2007

Feeling grateful?

I just came across this 'gratitude' that I wrote earlier in the year. It's a great reminder of just how much I have to be thankful for.

This morning, my toddler vomited all through the high chair then over the floor and also in his bed. He has had his clothes changed three times so far plus the sheets, blankets and pillow on his bed washed. The high chair has been soaked, sponged and rinsed and the floor mopped and surrounding windows, table etc also cleaned. As I stood out at the line putting out my fifth load of washing for the day (still catching up on the Easter washing too) I felt a total sense of thanksgiving for the abundance of clothes and linen that we own plus a washing machine that allows me to put big blankets and bulky items in it. I also felt glad that we were home and not still away on holidays in a cabin with limited resources and only a small bag of clothes each as well as truly blessed for all the cleaning products, disinfectant, washing liquid, fabric softener and warm water on hand to make all the mess and smell go away relatively easily. I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine and cool breeze that will quickly dry all the washing so that I can bring it in later and get it all put away and finally I am appreciative that my children are both having an afternoon nap at approximately the same time today, giving me opportunity to do a few jobs while they sleep.
I am really very thankful for the challenges of today which have enabled me to realise how blessed I am and for that, I really do feel thankful!

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