Friday, July 6, 2007

These were things I purchased before starting potty training

These were things I purchased before starting potty training:

· 15 pairs of underpants
· 4-5 pairs tracksuit pants (easy to pull up and down quickly)
· a couple of extra pairs of socks and shoes (these get wet too)
· special treats for rewarding success
· chips, dry biscuits to encourage a good thirst in the first week
· milk primas/ special drinks to get lots of fluids in (more opportunities to teach)
· some new books, sticker book etc to encourage sitting on potty
· You may want a potty training dvd for the child to watch- I didn’t get one but it’s a good idea.
· protective cover for the car seat and pram (I just use the same one). I bought mine at Baby Bunting~ Kiddopotamus brand
· a potty (or two) that child feels comfortable sitting on- a bowel movement can take a while sometimes! I left my extra potty in the car for emergencies and for when we were at other people’s houses. Now it just stays in the car.
· Box of wipes close by potty
· Potty training doll to demonstrate and make it fun. I used Potty Elmo (only needed him at the beginning)
· Pull-ups (optional). I used these when we went out somewhere where I knew it would be difficult but only occasionally at the start. I found they sent a mixed message- at some stage you have to trust them!! I did also buy Pods (like a kids pad to put inside the underpants) from America, but they arrived too late and we hardly used them.
· Potty poncho- a cover for public toilet (didn’t need straight away)

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