Saturday, June 30, 2007


Teething is something that can seem to go on and on for months before there's even any sign of an actual tooth.

I found the following to be helpful:

Teething begins around 3-7 months and lasts until approximately 2 years of age, when all 20 baby teeth are present.

Generally, the first tooth to erupt comes in at 6 months. This tooth is the bottom front incisor.

When a child is teething they tend to be irritable, drool, chew on everything and the gums may be red.

Fever and diarrhea are not related to teething.

Ease discomfort with a teething ring, clean damp washcloth or by rubbing gums with your finger or the back of a cold spoon.

Do not use teething cookies/biscuits because of the sugar content that can lead to tooth decay.

Use medications/ointments only on the advice of a dentist.

Remember to clean baby teeth as soon as they come in.

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